Prescribing and ordering tapering strips

  1. Tapering strips are only available on prescription. The signed order form is considered a prescription.
  2. Tapering strips should not be seen as a replacement for the usual patient care provided by a doctor. Adequate support of patients during tapering, but also for some time afterwards, remains at all times essential for timely recognition of any signs of remission.
  3. Tapering strips are a tool to make it easier for both the patient and doctor when stopping with a drug or reducing the dose.
  4. Together with the treating physician, the patient can make a choice from the different tapering schedules on the order form.
  5. After signing the form, the physician should fax it to the Regenboog Apotheek (Rainbow Pharmacy). The fax number is stated on the order form.
  6. The medication is sent by post to the patient’s home address, in principle within a week. The patient and the doctor are informed of this by email.
  7. In principle, tapering strips can also be sent to patients outside of the Netherlands, in accordance with legislation in place for that country.
  8. After using one or more tapering strips, the patient receives a short questionnaire and return envelope asking them about their experiences with tapering. This information will help to improve the use of tapering strips in the future.
  9. The different medications for which tapering strips are available are listed below. To order tapering strips for one of these medicines or for more information, please contact Paul Harder, pharmacist at the Regenboog Apotheek.

Download a prescription/order form